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SaleStrong is a Subscription-based service. However, if you sign up with our Merchant Account Provider, Bank of America, your subscription fees are waived!

Free Business Management

Our preferred members choose to run their credit card processing through SaleStrong. By doing so, they can start accepting all major credit cards, including AMEX. They also get the added benefit of a free business management software.



Can a business management software be truely free?

The answer is Yes! With SaleStrong, there are no upfront, maintenance, or update fees.

How is it possible?

SaleStrong benefits from its relationship with Bank of America. We use the collective buying power of our clients to negotiate the lowest Merchant Account rate in the market and offer it back to the client.

What do I need to do?

In order to qualify for a fee-free SaleStrong account, you must sign up for a Merchant Account.

What is a Merchant Account?

A Merchant Account is like any other bank account. However, it allows you to communicate with credit card processors and payment gateways. You can therefore begin to accept credit cards as a form of payment.

Already have an account with another Merchant Provider? SaleStrong will match or beat any competitor's rate, guaranteed!


SaleStrong offers a subscription system based on the number of users. If you choose to keep your existing Merchant Account provider, or wish not to accept credit cards, you can also begin using SaleStrong as a subscription service. All maintenance and update fees are included in our competitive rates.

If you ever decide to sign up for a Merchant Account through SaleStrong, your fees will be waived.


Free Business Management - Merchant Account

Every business is unique when it comes to volume and average ticket price. Therefore, to determine your Merchant Account rate, one of our staff will review your application and determine what's right for you.

We currently offer rates as low as: 1.67%

Subscription System - Pay as you Go

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SaleStrong offers a tiered subscription system based on the number of users. A user is someone with a unique login name that has access to your account.


If you have 10 employees and only 7 of them need access to the system to process sales, adjust inventory, or manage employees, you'd need 7 unique logins.

As your company grows, you can upgrade to the next tier to accomodate the new employees.