Business Management Made Simple. Manage Your Invoices, Estimates, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Customers , Employees and Accounting


Creating invoices has never been easier. Just search for a product, drop it in the shopping cart, and checkout. You can keep multiple shopping carts open if dealing with more than one customer. You can also use the shopping carts to create estimates. SaleStrong also gives you the option to fax or email your invoices and estimates to your clients.

Keep an accurate count of your inventory and perform cycle counts. You can make quick updates using a barcode scanner to fullfill purchase orders. Since your inventory is tied in with your invoices and purchase orders, there's no need for manual corrections.

SaleStrong gives you automatic notices to fill your inventory. You'll be notified to process purchase orders that have been automatically created as a result of creating an invoice. You also have the convenient option of faxing your purchase order directly to the supplier from the web browser. Once the order is recieved, the purchase order is closed and your inventory is automatically updated.

Forget the hours spent balancing your books. Since SaleStrong interconnects all aspects of your business, it balances your books for you. You can log in from any computer, even your home, and get live reports on the day's stats. SaleStrong lets you create custom reports based on many variables so you can fine-tune your operation.

Schedule and keep track of your employees. With unique accounts for each employee, SaleStrong keeps a history of their actions, helping to reduce internal theft. You can even view their screen remotely from any computer by logging into your account.

SaleStrong manages your marketing campaigns and keeps track of your leads and opportunities. There's no more guess-work in advertising. SaleStrong lets you pull ROI reports that tell you exactly how successful a campaign has been. Attract more customers by focusing on campaigns that work and save money by stopping those that don't.

Fast order processing? No problem. SaleStrong is the first and only web application that offers touchscreen support for fast order processing. Perfect for restaurants, kiosks, and retailers. The point of sale module works with credit card swipes, barcode readers, and receipt printers.

Create your own E-commerce website with a few clicks. Once you've created a catalog of products for your store, click to create a virtual store online. SaleStrong walks you through templates to design and customize your website. Since all invoicing, accounting, and billing is tied in, bookkeeping's a snap.

SaleStrong brings your store to you. Your account is accessible through any computer with an internet connection. So no matter if you're home or at the office, you can keep an eye on your operation. There's also no software to install or upgrade, ever. No expensive servers to maintain, and no need for an in-house IT person. SaleStrong will backup your data for you and insure that it's secure and always available.

You can start accepting all major credit cards by signing up with SaleStrong's merchant account provider, Bank of America. By doing so, your online customers will also be able to make payments for purchases made on your E-commerce website.

Keep track of your employees, customers, and suppliers. SaleStrong organizes your contact list and lets you send out multiple calls, faxes, and emails. Sending out mass mail as part of your lead generation is a snap. Got a sale coming up? Let all your customers know it with one click.

Stay connected with multi-store tools. Whether your multiple locations are spread out across town or the world, you can manage your entire operation from one spot. Keep an eye out on your stores remotely, check multiple inventories, and pull sales reports on multiple stores.